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So as you may have noticed, we are in Germany. I love it here! When we got off the train, I turned to a giant blond man and said, “Excuse me. Ummm, gutentag?” He looked at me. Said nothing. And walked away. I felt at home, like I was back in Chile. All kidding aside, […]

My Germany

Meet our incredible couchsurfing hosts in Munich, Germany, Winni (pronounced Vinny) and Sophia. This is AcroYoga. We went to their class and tried it. HA! Not as easy as it looks, not even close.

Bavarian Forest

Yes, the country of Switzerland is now mine. We have been in Geneva for the past week and it’s been lovely. The city is beautiful and so historic I almost can’t believe it. In the U.S. we simply don’t have anything that can even compare to the ancient-ness. Is that a word? It is now. […]

My Switzerland

I need some help! I want to get another tattoo. So does Seba. I want mine on the back of my neck. Victoria Beckham and the lovely K inspired me. I want mine written horizontally though, not vertically like Posh. Theirs are both in Hebrew. V.B.’s says, “I am my beloved and my beloved is […]

My Possible Tattoo???