Couple’s Boudoir Photography

This might sound a little creepy, but I really enjoyed doing this session. I’ve never done a couple’s boudoir session, but I’m always up for a challenge and thought it would be cool. And it was. Honestly, it takes a lot of courage and confidence for a couple to do something like this. They totally rocked it and I think the end results are worth it.

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

The Victoria and David Beckham Armani underwear ads were our inspiration for this one. I think that they look better than Mr. and Mrs. Posh though.

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

All these last couple shots are sort of similar, but there is just something about these photos that I love so much. I think they’re beautiful and dreamy and feel extremely intimate.

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

couples boudoir photography

This one is hands down my favorite from the session. I can FEEL his love for her coming through every pixel. And no, that was not a compliment for myself, just a testament to how much one man adores his gorgeous wife. And plus, her tattoo is pretty awesome, it adds another interesting element to the picture too. I simply adore the way things came together for this shot, that’s all.

couples boudoir photography

*Oops, I can’t believe I almost forgot to post their family portraits that we took right after the boudoir session!

How pretty is this living room?

couples boudoir photography2

And how stinking ADORABLE is their puppy?!?

couples boudoir photography


  1. Shyann says:

    looooooooooooove love love love this session!!! :)

  2. kyleracine says:

    Thank you Shyann! Isn't it so cool that they did this?!?

  3. davidredding says:

    Love these images! Would really love to shoot something like this myself

  4. sylwiaszuder says:

    These are wonderful! I love the last series of the bodouir – you're right, the LOVE is there…

  5. danagoodson says:

    Wow! That's a hot session.

  6. shue says:

    Awesome couple. Amazing photographer. Gorgeous pictures! loving them all.

  7. kellyry says:

    Love, Love, Love! Not only are these hot but the love and intimacy between them just floods each image. VERY well done, Kyle!

  8. emilyinchile says:

    These are HOT! Seriously, not only are they both good looking, but you're right that you can really see the intensity of their relationship. Very cool.

    And I know they're professional photographers, but maybe they should consider going into interior decorating too…their living room looks far more put together and styled than mine does!

  9. Eliza Claire says:

    Stunning session, Kyle. I'm doing my own couples boudoir shoot on Saturday (is couples boudoir the next big thing?), and if I get images half as good as these, I'll be overjoyed. These are perfect, HOT and sexy but still classy and elegant.

  10. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!! These are utter perfection. I just did a boudoir session for myself and it took a lot of courage. I'm impressed that they did it together AND that they let you put the pics online. I hope they frame some of these pics for their gorgeous house. And yes, their dog is beyond cute. I'm going to take another look at these stunning photos, haha. :)

  11. dregonzrob says:

    Absolutely NOT creepy at all, Kyle. Really really cool and I think you did an AMAZING job of keeping it classy. This truly expands your portfolio and your scope as a photographer (in my humble opinion, anyway.)
    SO COOL.

  12. Jen Slot says:

    WOW! This couple is gorgeous and you seriously rocked these pics! I bet they are so stinkin excited with how these turned out. You did an amazing job. :)

  13. Ritamae39 says:

    Steamy and dreamy and the puppy is so adorable it almost looks like it's not real!

  14. Brittany says:

    Kyle these are awesome! What a cool session. Have fun on your trip:-)

  15. Decoybetty says:

    That puppy is adorable, and the people aren't bad looking either :) you're right…they put the Becks to shame.

  16. Laura says:

    love these. think these really might be my favorite of your work thus far!

  17. Rodolfo says:

    Muy buena sesión!

  18. kyleracine says:

    Thanks David, it was fun!

  19. kyleracine says:

    It really is isn't it?

  20. kyleracine says:

    I know Dana, they are super hot!

  21. kyleracine says:

    Awww, thanks Shue!!!

  22. kyleracine says:

    Gracias Kelly!

  23. kyleracine says:

    I know Emily, you should've seen their house, it was all pretty beautiful.

  24. kyleracine says:

    So glad you liked them!!! And very cool that you did your own boudoir session!

  25. kyleracine says:

    Glad you don't think I'm creepy 😛 I appreciate your kind words!

  26. kyleracine says:

    I know, it's like a stuffed animal that came to life!

  27. kyleracine says:

    Thank you Brittany! We are having lots of fun so far!

  28. kyleracine says:

    The Becks don't hold a candle…

  29. kyleracine says:

    Wow Laura, thank you for such a nice compliment!

  30. kyleracine says:

    Gracias Rodolfo!

  31. Jessica says:

    second image and the last set are my favs.

  32. Dave Quinn says:

    Wonderful series! The photos convey real love and tenderness in a beautiful way.

  33. sesjabuduarowa says:

    great session !!!

  34. Laurie says:

    Kyle, these are just amazing. Love them!!!

  35. Derek says:

    I am very impressed with your work! It's one thing to do boudoir photography with one person, but finding the element for two people is certainly talented! You've done very well in bringing out natural happiness in your pictures and I like very much what you've done with the lighting and color. Your choice of contrast and placement is awesome. keep it up!

  36. Martin says:

    Wonderful work. Love everything about it.

    Martin @ArrowStudio

  37. Martin says:

    Wonderful work. Love everything about it.

    Martin @ArrowStudio

  38. The procesing is amazing, the pictures are amazing, and the concept is amazing!!!!

    LOVE IT.

  39. Larry says:

    I have to admit I’d thought if this once and didn’t really know or think I could pull it off. I guess you have to just be confident to do couples boudoir photography and be able to make it look classy. This is a great example and shoot. thanks for sharing your images.

  40. How long did it take u to post “Fotografo de Bodas, Santiago | Kyle
    Hepp”? It also has plenty of fine tips. Many thanks ,Fredericka


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