La Vida Secreta de los Fotografos de Matrimonio

The Secret Life of Wedding Photographers (all info taken from ISWP):

The ISWP polled people and if they’re right, this is how you guys think I spend my time as a wedding photographer. I love that Partying Like a Rockstar is an actual category.


And then this is how the ISWP says I actually spend my time.


I would say that this second chart is semi-accurate. Although for me you would have take out Print Orders and Lab Work, and Album Design and Production, neither of which I offer in Chile since I have yet to find a place that offers high enough quality that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed giving it to my clients. Then Seba is in charge of Camera and Computer Upkeep, he’s also currently doing the legwork on the Advertising and Marketing, which up until this point we have not ever done, so that is basically a non-category for me, and I have an account to do the Bookkeeping and Taxes part so that also takes up significantly less time than what they say.

So where do I spend most of my time — I would say I spent at LEAST 20% of my time on Blogging and Social Media. And then I would also say that Meeting and Communicating with Clients takes up about 15% of my time, if not more. I would actually change that category to call it Getting to Know Clients and Communicating because I spend a significant amount of time really making an effort to learn more about the couples I work with when they’re not in front of my lens.

And really, we probably should add one of the categories from the first chart back in — because we did spend a little while partying like a rockstar with Claire and Esteban and my 5dMII :)


If you’re a photographer, do these charts different from your actual life, I’m curious. And if you’re a…non-photographer person, was the first chart semi-accurate in what you would assume a photographer’s life to be?

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  1. Interesting blog post, and a great reminder that photographers don't spend 100% of their time actually taking pictures. Liking the party like a rockstar category :)

  2. That's because you party like a rock star outside of work. Duh!

  3. Lucie says:

    It must be great to be a photo-taking pair instead of going solo in the business. It must be especially great having a partner who is your husband and understands you so well . Sounds like you and Seba really work great together and divide the various tasks of photography very well!

  4. emilyinchile says:

    Well I kind of have a vague idea of how you spend your time, so I wasn't shocked by this :) But when you first started, I was definitely surprised by how small of a percentage actually taking the photos is compared to editing them.

  5. PastaQueen says:

    I'm a web designer, but the “Communicating with clients” wedge is a lot bigger than I thought it would be before I started freelancing full-time six months ago. I have much more respect for my old project manager.

  6. great post Kyle…this is true for most wedding photographers thats for sure…but not most chilean wedding photographers as I think the edit would be about 0.01% of their time (dig dig)
    Its amaing all that has to be done in the process of creating the wedding images, from the first contact to the hand over n average wedding can run to 50+ hours of time investment. It is good you bring this to light for clients and potential clients to realise just how much the photographer actually puts in to produce high quality edited images.
    Good job…(party on) see you Friday!

  7. Decoybetty says:

    Hm, not going to lie I didn't really think about how'd you spend time besides blogging, taking photos, and editing them and then I guess running a business.


    Love party like a rockstar – it's imperative really.

  8. amandabasteen says:

    the 2nd chart looks about right to me. lol I don't get to party at all because I have 2 kiddos :)

  9. kyleracine says:

    I wish I could spend 100% of my time taking pictures!!!

  10. kyleracine says:

    I mean, I'm kind of an old lady but yeah, I guess if I did party like a rockstar it would be during after work hours :)

  11. kyleracine says:

    It is definitely a huge help…I don't know what I'd do without Seba. Aside from just having one other person to lighten the workload, Seba also knows me inside and out and anticipates what I need before I even know I need it! That's hands down the best thing about working with him. That and seeing his smiling little face every day :P

  12. kyleracine says:

    That's true, you actually know how much time I spend on editing because it interferes with our hanging out time!

  13. kyleracine says:

    I know, I never thought I would spend so much time on email even after quitting all my blog jobs!

  14. kyleracine says:

    Haha, that is true, not a lot of people care too much about the photo editing here.

    Yeah, I think I did a calculation one time and with each couple from start to finish our average time of manpower hours is about 40 so that sounds right to me!

  15. kyleracine says:

    I think most people don't realize what goes into this business…at almost every wedding we're at, people will say something like, “WOW, you are so lucky to just work on the weekends!” If they only knew…

  16. kyleracine says:

    Amanda, but you can occasionally get a babysitter and take some time off right? Like Betty said, partying like a rockstar is kind of imperative :P

  17. Great post! For my business, I feel like the 2nd chart is pretty darn accurate, except that social media/blogging and networking take up a lot more of my time. I actually almost view them as one category as much of my networking is virtual through social media/blogs.

  18. Great post! For my business, I feel like the 2nd chart is pretty darn accurate, except that social media/blogging and networking take up a lot more of my time. I actually almost view them as one category as much of my networking is virtual through social media/blogs.

  19. emily long says:

    Thanks for making our picture your ‘like a rockstar’ cover! This is one of my favorites!

  20. Kyle says:

    Haha, you’re welcome Emily, we had so much fun!

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