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I miss my little Ava Boo! She’s so adorable. These are from the last time I was home in June. By now, she has to be at least twice the size. Probably walking, talking and doing back handsprings by now. It makes me sad how quickly she grows up and how much I don’t see. […]

Beautiful Baby Ava Boo

During this last trip to Paris, I was originally going to go alone. I was excited for the weddings because I’d talked to the couples enough to know that both brides and both grooms were were going to be awesome. But I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of traveling solo. However, Seba needed to stay […]

Paris Travel Photos | Bastille Day

I have exciting news! A picture I took was awarded as one of the top 141 images out of over 1500 photos submitted for a Fearless contest. I would so appreciate it if you could take two seconds to vote for it by liking it on Facebook. Link here.¬†You have to first like the Fearless […]

Theft In Santiago

I mentioned some good books that I’ve read recently — one of them is The Happiness Project. The chapter on author Gretchen Rubin’s relationship with her husband Jamie really, REALLY hit home with me. She talks about little things that were easy to change from her perspective that made a big different in how the […]

The Appreciation Post