Quito, Ecuador

Quito was a massive shock to my system. I went to Ecuador because I wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands. Quito was an after thought. I had heard it was pretty. And that was about it.

My first college roommate was from Ecuador and that had always made me want to visit the country but her family lives in Guayaquil so I’d never considered Quito.

Much to my surprised, I absolutely adored the city!

The historic center is a World UNESCO Heritage Site and was hands down the prettiest part of any Latin American capitol I’ve ever seen.

It was clean, beautiful, no stray dogs or dog poop that I saw, well organized and had amazing architecture!

Check out the glass on the wall to keep people out. All we heard from every single person that found out we were in Ecuador was how dangerous a city Quito is. Never once did I feel unsafe. A guy on the street grabbed my ass (and I flipped the fuck out on him, but that’s a different story). But that was the worst that ever happened.

Ash and I loved every single minute of this entire trip!

I think we were both surprised by how much fun we had.

I mean, obviously when we travel together, we expect we’re going to have fun…as we tend to do. But we had a BLAST. I don’t think more than a few hours ever went by without one (or both) of us saying, “Don’t you love it here? I LOVE IT HERE!”

In Quito, we didn’t actually do much of anything touristy aside from walk around, talk pictures and go to Mitad del Mundo one day.

The people were quite friendly, though not to the level of the Peruvians.

I think they must have a law that says all businesses have to use the same font for their store signs because everywhere looked this! It was weird, but cool.

At the main plaza, at least three people walked up to me while I was taking pictures and told me to be careful with my camera. It was SO WEIRD. There weren’t even flaites around. We were also told to watch out for the little kids that act as thieves but we didn’t see any of those either.


Like I said, we paid a visit to Mitad del Mundo, which is where the Equator line runs through. It’s a touristy little village set up with shops and restaurants but it’s kind of cute. There’s a church there and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to photograph a wedding on the actual Equator?!”

Alas, I didn’t see any brides and grooms around. So Ash and I just bought really cool sparkly disco ball earrings to wear out so that whenever anybody says, “I like those earrings,” we can say, “Thanks! I GOT THEM ON THE EQUATOR!”

PS. I’ve done like that three times now and it never gets old.

Modern day Jesus.

There was a little museum right in the village so we walked in to check it out. And then turned around and walked right back out as soon as we realized it was all dead bugs hanging on the walls. Ew.

The Mitad del Mundo village is about 45 minutes away from the center of town (I think, we weren’t staying exactly in the center, but close enough) and the taxi right there only cost us 8 dollars, or something stupid cheap like that. It was nuts! All of Ecuador, with the exception of the Galapagos, was stupid cheap.


  1. Brendan says:

    Damn, sorry about the groping but I’m (marginally) glad it didn’t spoil your day. Maybe I’m just a little jealous… no one ever grabs my ass on the street. Can’t imagine why.

    But yes, thank you for sharing Quito with us. You’re on quite a tear here with your globe-trotting ways.

  2. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos! I would have loved to see you flipping out on the guy who grabbed your ass lol!

  3. Cata says:

    Quito is not dangerous! Compared to Colombia !! Haha andre says he grew up worry-free and that now everyone has been robbed of at least a cell phone. Before I went everybody told me it was beautiful! Never heard about comment about Quito. Not just because andre is from there. A lot of people love it. I love the downtown and the mountains. You didn’t see my father in law’s museum @ la Mitad del Mundo??? The one with the miniature downtown? :( there is no dog’s poop. Nothing like I’ve seen in Buenos aires!! Santiago was not so bad either. At least i didnt step on it like i did in BsAs Haha. I’m glad that you liked it. Maybe u will meet me there on my next trip. XO

  4. You and Ash have seriously made me want to go to Quito – I’d always thought of it as a boring, dirty city for some reason, but I love those buildings!

  5. mike says:

    The world is such a big place. Thanks for sharing your part of it K.

  6. Ceri says:

    ♡ I love this post so much. I’ve always wanted to go to Quito so badly but I’d also always heard that it was really, really dangerous – especially for tourists and people who were obviously foreigners. I’m so glad to hear you felt safe the whole time you were there. It must be like Mexico City – this place has such a scary reputation but I’ve never once felt unsafe or at danger here. I love it. :)

  7. Katie says:

    The architecture is just lovely, and I can’t get over how colorful the buildings are. And no stray dogs or dog poop…that’s the most amazing part of all. lol Buenos Aires is terrible in that regard. :(


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