A Connecticut Farm Wedding | Bobby & Emma

I am beyond excited to post this wedding.

It. Was. Mindblowing.

No stress. No rush. No drama. Nothing but love, love and more love. All the day long.

Bobby and I know each other from study abroad in Chile waaaaay back. Now he’s co-owner of a hostel in Nicaragua. And Emma is connected to South America via Ecuador where she founded a charity called Peaks Over Poverty.

Yeah, that’s right.  Proof positive that I am privileged enough to photograph the most amazing couples. They are literally the coolest people ever. I am not just tossing the word literally around like people seem to do these days. I am using it for it’s actual meaning in that sentence.

Listening to Bobby and Emma’s friends and family talk about them during toasts and bring up their incredible accomplishments makes you realize that two people are enough to make a difference in this world. They make you realize that “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” isn’t a saying. It’s how you (can/should) live your life. I think possibly the truest tribute I can give to this bride and groom is to tell you that I left that wedding thinking about how I can be a better person. And then I went home and bought carbon offsets for my flights. Start small. It’s better than not starting at all.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so philosophical in this post. Bobby and Emma inspire me. That’s all. BACK TO THE LOOOOOOOOVE.

PS. Massive thanks to my second shooter Marcelo, a wedding photographer in Brazil. His photos are beyond awesome. I didn’t put any in the blog post because I feel like that’s confusing but he took some amaaaaaazing shots and I’m so grateful to him for coming along and being wonderful.

Emma is from a huge Italian family (9 siblings). It was so fun to be a part of the getting ready and hang out with her and her sisters. They’re so close!

Emma wore her mom’s wedding dress. How great of taste does her mom have to have picked out such a timeless piece of clothing?

We got to the farm and did some portraits of the happy couple pre-ceremony!

Emma’s grandma…here all the way from Italy. Thought that definitely deserved a spot in the blog post. Emma and her fam all speak Italian and Grandma told me a few times that I was doing a good job. All I really understood was “Bella! Bella!” whenever she said anything about Emma :) Love it.

Awwww, Bobby…don’t cry!

Yep, you’re seeing double double. Of the sisters, there are two sets of twins!

This will mean nothing to anyone who isn’t a photographer, but in the photo below, oh HEY ISO 16,000. Yeaaaah, I love my MKiii. Little girls in white dresses chasing fireflies. I am in love the below photo and I wouldn’t have been able to take it if it weren’t for my new camera.

Aaaaand favorite toast picture EVER. J’adore!


  1. Sjoerd Booij says:

    Now that’s how you shoot a wedding! Nailed it. Oh yes you did.

    Love the shot of the twins btw.. :)

  2. BE 06 // yo creo que primera vez que me gusta una foto en la que no salen los novios jeje

  3. Deidre says:

    These are absolutely AMAZING!! The one of the two girls chasing fireflies – I think there is something in my eye…excuse me.

  4. ayesha says:

    GAAAAH you win every time. the girls chasing fireflies! they look like ballerinas. splendid. so much gorgeous emotion in pretty much every picture. beautiful!!! <3

  5. Alvaro says:

    Kyle! Me encantó… espectacular como siempre. Exquisitas fotos, encuadres momentos edición, todo!

  6. Max says:

    Happiest bride… EVER!

  7. SIXTEEN THOUSAND?!?! Holy crap. More to the point, I agree – Emma’s mom has fantastic taste!

  8. Nick says:

    so pretty, great work Kyle, as always!

  9. nate p. says:

    I absolutely love how expressive she is. You capture how happy she is perfectly! What an awesome couple.

  10. AdonyeJaja says:

    wow, those sunflowers are very fitting, and that toast picture is insane! great work!

  11. Matt Ferrell says:

    Great work! the night shot at the end is pretty sweet. good job

  12. sam hurd says:

    dangit kyle. your ability to anticipate and capture such authentic moments is blowing my mind.

  13. porter says:

    you work the light like such a champ, beautiful work kyle

  14. Walter Burks says:

    They are precious! And I love the sunflowers, definitely my favorite flower!

  15. Dylan says:

    the shot through the window.. and the black and white ceremony frame.. wowzers. serious good work.

  16. Rita says:

    Wow. Love the whole darn set. Looks like so much fun and joy and love.

  17. Nessa says:

    Kyle – you’re incredible. <3 Always. Always always always.

  18. Leah Muse says:

    Every single picture has so much personality and story and love.. beautiful.

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