Aleeza & Benj

Philadelphia, PA

I am going to post the full preview blog post on Sunday night, but I wanted to put up one more quick preview of Aleeza and Benj’s amazing wedding from last weekend.

This has to be one of my favorite first look photos ever. That’s Aleeza’s mom and sister in the background watching, and the first look was done at Aleeza’s childhood home. What a special moment.

And Benj’s reaction to seeing his bride was ADORABLE.

More on Sunday night. Get ready for it.


  1. Sólo 1 vez me ha tocado hacer un first look en Chile… con el programa que tiene la ceremonia es difícil encontrar parejas que lo hagan. En este caso, era una pareja que ya estaba casada por el civil hace años y quisieron darse una sorpresa :) deberían haber más!

  2. Leo Druker says:

    Beautiful as always, Kyle.

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