Aleeza & Benj

This is not the most dramatic portrait I shot at the wedding, nor the most technically perfect photo of the day.

But I could not think of a better representation of the wedding than this one frame of Aleeza and Benj’s beautiful love, turbo-powered by the friends and family and community that surround them in this photo and in life. <3 More soon.


  1. poco importa la tĂ©cnica cuando logras una imagen que transmita tanto como esta… tremenda! y al revisarla con calma se pueden aislar varias fotografĂ­as haciendo diferentes recortes.

  2. Ruthie says:

    kyle…you ALWAYS capture the important stuff. i cannot get over the amazingness of YOU being the one to photograph this wedding…the love, it explodes all over the place!!!!

  3. I think it’s a very dramatic photo, very nice style. I love it.

  4. BryAna says:

    Great photo! So…. just wanted to let you know that I’ve totally been stalking your blog for the past few days. I have an office job where, seriously, all I do is answer the phone when it rings every 5-20 minutes and surf the web. So, basically all I do is read articles and blogs online and now I pretty much know everything about you. I know… creepy. (Okay, not really.)

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