Exploring Mindo, Ecuador

First of all, huge thank you to everyone that has stuck with me through all these technical difficulties. Sorry, that was about a week of my website being inssaaaaaanely slow and it’s all thanks to Quality Host Online, the most terrible hosting in the world, who I’ve now switched over from. Seriously. Don’t use them. They were terrible and took no responsibility for the problems and I hate their guts.

Now on to photos from Mindo, Ecuador! You already know that I loved the place and adored their chocolate factory. But did I mention that the town itself is absolutely adorable?

The hostels/houses/everything there have no doors or windows because the temperature is consistently warm. You do have to sleep with mosquito nets over your bed but it’s so nice to be outdoors even when you’re indoors, if you know what I mean.

I’m not going to lie and say there’s a ton to do as far as Mindo nightlife goes, but it is a super cute town to hang out in regardless.

A friend and I explored the town at night and had fun taking random snaps. It’s suuuuuper duper safe. I don’t think you could carry expensive camera gear around in a better place.

I didn’t actually take the above picture, my friend did. But who doesn’t love an adorable dog tied to a truck bed?

The bugs in Mindo are a little giant, but that’s not important. Even for a non-outdoorsy type like me, Mindo is still worth visiting.

I had lots of fun skipping through the streets at night. If there was music, I totally would’ve made a dancing video!

During the day Mindo is even prettier.

It’s a cloud forest, whatever the hell that means, so the mountains are constantly surrounded by clouds and looking beautiful.

We booked our horseback riding tour and tubing tour somewhere near here. Neither were quite what I expected, though not in a bad way.

The horseback riding tour was waaaaaay more active than I was expecting. The horses were ready to run and we galloped a good portion of the way. As for the tubing, I was expecting U.S. tubing where you float leisurely down a river with a beer in hand, but this was more like white water rafting…except on tubes. Mildly (ok, majorly) terrifying.


  1. Andrea says:

    That’s great that it was so safe! I’ve heard a few times that Quito can be dodgy in places but I’ve always wondered about the rest of the country. The tubing sounds interesting…I always thought I’d like to try white water rafting in tubes but maybe it’s not so fun? Were there big rocks?

  2. mike says:

    Ah, I remember mosquito nets. Glad you got the site issues sorted out K.

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