Aleeza & Benj

Philadelphia, PA

I don’t even know how to describe Aleeza and Benj, or their wedding. Words fail me because there really is no adequate way to sum up the day.

They are Jewish and come from an absolutely incredible community. I’ve never seen such a (large) tight knit group of people. This was one of those days that makes one think there really is something to the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The amount of friends and family who are genuinely invested in Aleeza and Benj’s happiness is just mind-blowing.

The wedding day was INTENSE because of how high emotions were running, but intense in a beautiful, holy way. From the minute I walked in the door there were tears flowing — Aleeza is lucky enough to have a close knit family and her mom and three sisters had a hard time keeping it together as she got ready. Benj is also from a close knit group and in that family they’re so relaxed and such happy people, it’s just amazing. This is the third wedding in the past twelve months — Benj’s two brother’s just got married as well, mazel tov! Yet, they all somehow managed to stay cool, calm and collected.

So during getting ready, when Aleeza put on her dress and her mom then placed a bracelet of her great-Grandma’s (I could be getting the details wrong) that had been recovered after the Holocaust, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I include myself amongst that.

After that, along with my second photographer, the ever-fabulous, always talented Alex Bee, we photographed the men’s tisch and the women’s tisch. Apparently the men’s tisch was a rowdy affair with drinking and dancing and lots of being merry. The women’s tisch was amazingly beautiful, Aleeza and her female family members and friends, singing these unbelievable songs — I should also mention that Aleeza’s family is musical, as is Benj, so their group of loved ones are obviously a little more melodic than the norm. The mood was so heartachingly happy, everybody was singing and holding hands and swaying to the beat and feeling the love. There was no way even the hardest of hearts wouldn’t have been moved.

I thought things couldn’t get more intense…and then we got to the ceremony. It touched me in a way that amazed me — they did a traditional Jewish ceremony but in an egalitarian way that was so cool. For example, instead of Aleeza walking around Benj 7 times, she walked around him 3 times, then he walked around her 3 times and then they walked together once.

I could not have loved that more if I tried.

It was the truest and purest of wedding days. Genuine joy and unconditional love, everywhere. I felt so, so blessed to have been a part of this magical day.

I LOVE this moody portrait of the two of them.

And I LOVE this fun one! Couldn’t decide so I put them both in.

Here we are at the women’s tisch.

Signing the ketubah…

Ruthie Rosenberg, I love you forever.

Benj sings in a band. THEY ARE SO GOOD!


  1. Wow, Kyle. So many strong photos in this set, and so many incredible moments caught. I love the photos as the table with the portraits behind. Looks like an incredibly touching and emotional day, and the story is told so well through your photos. Congrats!

  2. Ruthie says:

    KYLE I LOVE YOU. i just JUMPED up from the dinner table and ran away because i realized it was sunday and sunday was when you said you would post the photos. oh, and i love benjeeza, too. LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYWHERE!

  3. Gina says:

    Incredible! So much emotion and joy captured here. Way to get in there Kyle and photograph all those intimate moments, you did a brilliant job. Congratulations to the couple!

  4. se ven muy bien con el new look del sitio

  5. Guille says:

    This wedding feels so awesome, so true to what wedding are all about. I loved every bit, Kyle. Your style seems more involved in this one, I truly like it.

    By the way, the new website is EPIC.

  6. jonny says:

    wow, that b+w image of the bride crying is sooooo powerful.

  7. Leah Muse says:

    These photos made me want to be friends with the couple; they look so warm and lovely. Beautiful day!

  8. small says:

    Awesome, Kyle! I loooove that the groom sang. This wedding looks like a total blast!

  9. Walter Burks says:

    Great job capturing all the emotions! I love these and that reception looks like it was really fun!!

  10. Mercedes says:

    I limit it to one word: “heart-warming.” <3 this wedding!

  11. Sam says:

    Oh man, there are so many freaking beautiful, brilliant moments you capture during the wedding, seriously, your wedding coverage is insanely good. The pictures of her crying are just so raw and organic, I love it.

  12. Heather says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful dress, beautiful emotions! I’m loving the action shots at the reception :-)!! AND, I’m seeing your new layout on a full screen for the first time (couldn’t take it all in on my phone) and I really like it :-) Will take a few days for my mine not to expect the previous one.

  13. Heather K says:

    LOVE those dancing ones. Awesome work!

  14. Denis Adonis says:

    Tanta energía y pasión, capturaste muchas emociones, eso es super bonito. Me parece un relato hermoso. Saludos Kyle!! un fuerte abrazo :)

  15. Tenielle says:

    Incredible emotion, almost welled up just looking at these. Killer Kyle!

  16. coler says:

    Killer kaleidoscope of emotional awesome. Huge fan.

  17. Kim says:

    Wow, such beautiful coverage of what looks like a totally awesome emotional rollercoaster! I could barely hold it together looking at this set of photos, I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to actually be there.

  18. So much going on. Gorgeous. Inspiring. Cool.

  19. Aleeza Wachs says:

    Kyle, you captured everything so perfectly. Thank you for orchestrating such beauty among so much craziness that day! We couldn’t have been happier with everything– especially our choice in photographers :)

  20. Ruthie says:

    Just came back to look at this post again. Sigh. Did you know this beautiful couple recently got a pup named Sally?!

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