Real Time Update

I’m so behind on blogging about trips that I figured maybe I should do a real time update so you’d actually know where I am at the moment instead of being months behind reading.

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind and I’ve been taking more iPhone photos to document than real pics so please excuse the photography :)

The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Think I went there at least three times in my week long stay in Philly.

Don’t you love the last rule?!  

Then I went to Washington D.C. to be a tourist becuase I’ve never done that before, believe it or not.

I can’t say I fell in love with the city but I did love seeing all the sights. Who doesn’t want a photo in front of the nation’s biggest phallic symbol?

Then made it to London where I went out dancing to some “bass” music. British people do not move their feet to dance to this kind of music. It’s confusing. But I have to admit that it was a cool environment.

After that headed to the Notting Hill Carnival which is basically an excuse for people to get really drunk and dance on the streets and wear crazy clothes. Loved it. 

I also squeezed in a few cultural sights, like the Tower of London. I love Phillippa Gregory books so it was cool to go there and see the spots of all the beheadings she talks about in her literature.

I was staying with some of my favorite people in the world, Francine and Andre…they made the mistake of opening a bottle of really nice champagne while I was around :)

Visited Chinatown and met up with friends for lunch there.

Walked around a bit and then headed to the Tate Modern Museum with a friend I actually met on my trip in Ecuador! I love how the world really is a small place these days.

There were some really weird exhibitions in the Tate, it was a cool museum.   

Checked out Camden and hung out at Amy Winehouse’s favorite pub before she died.

Those Londoners really love their festivals. This is at one at the park outside where Francine and Andre lived. If I had to guess I’d say it was a festival dedicated to terrible music and interesting fashion choices :) 

Last night out we went to a rooftop bar overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral at sunset to celebrate Oneika’s birthday. It was so beautiful, I was looking at it and I almost fell down the stairs because I was so distracted.

I’m in Finland at the moment. Add me on Facebook if you want more up to date info on what I’m doing. This week I’ll finish up the Ecuador posts with real photos :)


  1. Jenna says:

    Girl you are tireless! I get tired just thinking about how much traveling you do :) Also–I think we need an apartment update!

  2. Catalina says:

    I love this post! I was already confused about your trips! when are u going to china and russia?!! i want a more detailed update please!!!!! come back on ur way to Chile!! I want u to take my pregnant pictures! please? love u and have fun!

    • kyle says:

      I totally should Cata, I’m trying to figure out how to stay a bit longer in the U.S. because I want to see my friend who will have just had her baby!

  3. Shue says:

    glad to know you’re having good time. traveling the world, as usual. am getting use to the new layout of your blog.It’s cool. and your travel pics rock & funny!

  4. Brendan says:

    I’m exhausted from your travels, and envious as well. I’d be more envious if I wasn’t so exhausted. Maybe I should take up bottles of champagne to keep me going?

  5. Sjoerd Booij says:

    You are travelling faster then the speed of light it seems :)
    Keep enjoying, keep shooting and by all means, please do keep drinking champagne (since we all now that is the elixter of life ;))

  6. Sherry says:

    All I want to know is: did you visit the Harry Potter studio tour while you were in London? Please just lie and say yes. haha.

  7. Ceri says:

    I saw Camden and squealed! My favourite place in Britain. Ooooh, I miss it so much. <3

    Girl, you are so gorgeous. Seriously. And I love your life so much. You get to go to the best places.


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