Helsinki Market and Design Museum

September 2012

Sooooo….about Helsinki….

Haha, poor Finland, this trip has gotten buried under an avalanche of wedding work. It deserves so much more! Helsinki deserves to be heard about and discovered and traveled to!

And now that I finally post about it, it’s almost Christmas time and there’s nobody left on the internets to read, booooo hooooo hoooo!

Andrea, John and I, wanted to hit up a market we’d heard was pretty cool. It was down by the water so we used Helsinki’s marvelous tram/trolley/whateverthefucktheyrecalled system to get to the area.

When we arrived, we were in tourist/photographer heaven!

The market was a combination of fresh fruits and veggies (all pretty expensive!) and cooked Finnish food that you could buy for lunch. Plus right near by there were stands selling artesian products.

For whatever reason, I always find drinks in other countries to be fascinating. In any country you’re in, you’re always find some kind of exotic tasting (to you) beverages. I didn’t sample any of the juice boxes or colas on offer, however, every possible chance I got, I downed myself a few “long drinks.”

Long drinks are an alcoholic beverage that come in different flavors (my preference was cranberry) and sort of tasted like wine coolers except not disgusting. They have the same alcohol content as a beer and were invented for the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. They’re fizzy and delish.

There were at least a dozen stands, all offering up exactly the same dishes — a lot of fish, potatoes, a few sadly overcooked veggies, along with reindeer meatballs, sausages, anchovies and other such delicacies.

As I am not a very adventurous eater, I stuck to reindeer meatballs and veggies with a yummy garlic sauce. The meatballs were good, though I did feel a little weird about eating Rudolph!

Loving the Siberian look of all the winter outfits! I wouldn’t want to be in Finland in the winter, that’s for sure. We lucked out with mostly beautiful weather, but even in the middle of summer, it still wasn’t what I (Florida transplant) would consider “hot.”

Across from the main port are some islands that are supposed to be quite beautiful. You can take a ferry out to visit. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time.

I felt like we were walking through some kind of Nordic paradise. So idyllic.

After our stop at the market, we  walked around the Design District some more and hit up the Finish Museum of Design.

There were so many cool galleries and exhibits that we found just by stumbling across them. It’s clear that this city has a vibrant art scene.

This street photography exhibit was probably one of my favorite photography exhibits I’ve ever scene!

Afterwards, we headed to the Museum of Design.

We were all so excited! But sadly, the best thing about that place turned out to be the people inside and outside of the museum.

I told this guy I wanted to take a picture of him because I liked his glasses. Haha!

The rest of the museum really was a bore. It wasn’t very well set up or well done, just random collections of objects. Not impressed.

Right around the corner from the museum was this very cool little pavilion spot where you could buy a coffee and set up shop and work. It was all wooden and of course, as with most things in Helsinki, the decoration was fabulous.

They don’t call Helsinki the design capitol of the world for nothing.

As it turns out, Helsinki wasn’t one of my top dream destinations for nothing. I LOVED it. Just as much as I thought I would, maybe even more.


  1. Amanda S. says:

    I am so obsessed with all things Scandinavian!!!!! Jealous!!!!

  2. Roxanne says:

    Man, it looks so ALIVE. So whimsical. I love it. My kind of city. xx

  3. Liz says:

    City looks amazing. Obsessed with Scandinavia, its design, and we had an exchange student from Helsinki live with us for a year in high school so I have an itch to visit her. this is getting pushed up on the travel list.

  4. Andrea says:

    I’m getting such a great photography lesson looking at this post, seeing what you chose to shoot since I was with you, haha. I felt like all of Finland was heaven for wandering and snapping pics – such an interesting country…I cannot wait to go back one day and see more!

  5. Clare says:

    Never has been on my list, but might be now.

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