Guest Post: Wintery Wedding Destination

The trend of destination weddings is growing exponentially as people want to personalize their special day even more. The beach and island resort weddings have been overdone a little too much; winter wedding destinations are the new hype.

Think of getting married in the midst of white snow, sparkling ice crystals and an amazing, romantic weather! Winter weddings are memorable, cozy, and fun. Forget the humid summer weddings, and make your day memorable at a chilly destination.

There are so many pros to getting hitched at a winter destination. First, you won’t have to go through the usual bride wars phase to get your favorite reception area booked; there won’t be any other brides to battle with! Moreover, the icy destinations are more secluded and personal, so you and your guests can party your own way.

The entire destination covered in white snow will set a great backdrop for your white wedding. Also, couple photography done in snowy destinations is absolutely breathtaking!

Here are some of top picks for the winter weddings:


Winters in Vermont are magical, enchanted and beautiful. The landscape is covered with pure, white snow, contrasting with the grey mountains set in the far distance.

The gently descending snow will add a fairytale-like ambiance to your special day. You will not be surprised if your wedding pictures are not postcard worthy! It is easy to fly in your family and friends to Vermont for a cozy, relaxed wedding in the lovely weather. Add items like hot chocolate, coffee, and hot cakes to your wedding menu, along with a cozy fireplace.

The winter will not be too harsh or extreme; the snowy dreamland in Vermont will be just perfect!


For the adventurous couple, Utah is the best wedding destination. Think out of the box and go for a wedding at a Utah ski resort. The place is known for its winter sports and snow adventures. Have a different wedding by indulging your friends and family in some adventurous snow sports!

The resorts catering in Utah can help you set up a dream like wedding reception against the snowy backdrop. There are other adventures like cable cars and sled riding that you can enjoy as a newly married couple.


Marrying at the Ice Hotel in Sweden is any girl’s dream. The ice hotels are constructed with pure ice every year, and these breathtaking monuments later melt at the onset of summer. The memory of your wedding day will be cherished even more when you realize that the wedding hotel had melted for good! The spectacular ice hotels host many wedding each year, as couples fly in from around the world to say ‘I do’ in a man-made ice building.


A Whistler Wedding might be a wintery destination for the action couple. Located in British Columbia about an hour and half drive north of Vancouver, it is one of the premier venues for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Of course you could find yourself in a incredible lodge for your reception or perhaps post “I do” heli skiing!

Regardless of your location jazz up your winter wedding lots of faux fur accessories, glamorous snow boots, a chocolate fountain and wintery décor. Apart from the extremely enjoyable and memorable time at the destination, you will have a set of magnificent photographs that will leave you in awe; invest in a photographer who will capture some precious moments in the midst of the gentle snowfall!


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