Guest Post: Top 3 Wedding Proposals to Steal Ideas From

Asking your significant other to marry you is not only a giant step in your relationship but is also a cherished memory. This is why it is better to plan out an amazing proposal because the build up to that moment when you get down on one knee because that is where the real magic happens.

You have to do something truly unique, something that not only will you reminisce from time to time, but something that your friends and family can enjoy retelling as well. Just as long as you don’t regret the act of proposing marriage and make sure you have a great story to tell.

Also, don’t forget about the ring no matter what you do. A sweet deal can be found at any jewelry sale near you.

But coming up with the big proposal plan can be hard – at first! There are a lot of ideas floating around the world, particularly on the internet.

One idea could be to propose spontaneously after exploring Disneyland all day and of course dancing in a flash mob. This fiancé sure got one pleasant surprise.  This guy went all out and even danced with the other professional dances along to Bruno Mars’ Marry You song.

The idea of a flash mob is very popular and is a great way to surprise your loved one. They are in movies and on the latest television shows, such as Beauty and The Beast.  Also these flash mobs could quite possibly influence them to say yes even more because of your over romantic gesture.  Romance is always in the air for couples, it doesn’t only exist on Valentine’s Day.

But there are heaps of fun ways to pop the big question. This guy planned his proposal for six years by making his girlfriend pose with letters in photos which end up spelling, ‘we always knew,’ before the big reveal. He got his girlfriend to hold up the letter W and he had his friend hold up another sign from behind saying, ‘will you marry me?’

The girlfriend did not see it until she looked at the photo and presto, you have your proposal. But if you can’t wait six years, you can always implement the sign saying, ‘will you marry me?’ Somewhere in a photo and then get your special someone to look at it.

Another great idea would be to create your own treasure hunt and get your family and friends in on this mission. Get them to pass out clues on what to do next and wait at the finish line with your ring at the ready.

For that extra special touch, make these clues personal like where you had your first date, where you met, where you had that embarrassing moment you still chuckle about as a couple, it can be anything.

Just make sure you still have the courage to get down on one knee at the end of it. That’s all that matters.

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