Magdalena y Gerardo

Santiago, Chile

I just love the way Magda talks. She speaks the most perfectly pronounced Spanish — which is odd because she sounds like…Chilean….except not. But she’s one of those cases where the voice goes perfectly with the person — delicate and lovely. And Gerardo…he just worships the ground she walks on, adores Magda with every inch of his being. It’s so beautiful to witness.

My favorite moment of the day was how nervous Magda got right before the ceremony. She was so cute and so sweet and kept apologizing for being nervous, which was just making me laugh — as if she’s the first nervous bride I’ve ever encountered haha! But the best part of it was then, at the second she saw Gerardo when she walked into the church how her nerves melted away, you could see it in her face. Once she was up on the alter with her loved on, all was right in the world.

Chicos, thank you for having me as a part of your day — I loved every second of it.


I’ll try to start adding datos to the posts again because I’m getting flooded with emails from recent weddings and can’t keep up!

Centro de Eventos: Casa Montt

Iglesia: Los Santos Angeles de Custodio

Banquetero: Sofia Jottar

Acesorios del pelo: Cosa Mia

Hope that helps the novios reading!

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