Sarah & Mark

Brooklyn, New York

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it a million more times. The best part about my job, for me, is the people. I love people. I love good people.

And the world is magical the way it brings good people to my doorstep! Or I guess I should say it brings me to good people’s doorstep, since Sarah and Mark obviously did not fly to Chile for the this engagement session. But we talked about this over a delicious Thai dinner after taking pictures — how random is it that now I’m shooting their wedding after a long connection of people that brought us together? Emily and I became blog friends, back in the day, before I’d ever even shot a wedding. Then we became real friends. Then I became a photographer. I photographed her wedding in Chile. Through her, met Sydney and Brian, photographed their wedding in San Francisco. Sarah and Mark were there as guests, and now I’ll be photographing their wedding in New York later this year! Three degrees of separation.

A slightly rainy New York day didn’t stop us from having an incredible time during their session! We hit up Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Museum. we even managed to shoot quite a bit in the library before getting kicked out, I was amazed! We’re stealth like ninjas, what can I say.

I knew I liked them before their session…but now I’m even crazier about this couple. October can’t come soon enough.

LOVE this next one!

Last two are my faves…cannot decide between the two of them, so you get both!!! Aaaaand about two seconds after the second shot was taken a guard caught us and kicked us out!


  1. Andy Stenz says:

    Both of the last two are great but I think the final one is so unique. I sit and study it, not totally sure what I’m seeing, from what angle, etc. Very unique and perfect fit in your style. Yup, the bottom one is off the wall.

  2. oriana says:

    Amazing images Kyle! your work is always remarkable and unique. Congratulations!

  3. preciosas imágenes como nos tienes acostumbrados, saludos kyle

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